Stardew Valley 1.5 is out today on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One


With split-screen co-op, a new island to explore, and loads more content, this is the ‘biggest update yet’

After its PC debut in December, Stardew Valley has rolled out the substantial 1.5 content update today on consoles. If you’re a Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One player, today’s the day. It’s huge.

The Stardew Valley 1.5 Update for Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation are out, and should be available on all platforms within the next couple of hours.

— ConcernedApe (@ConcernedApe) February 11, 2021

Update 1.5 includes a ton of new stuff like Willy’s boat that you can repair and ride to Ginger Island, another tough dungeon to face with new enemies, a new NPC to befriend, Golden Walnuts to collect, the “beach farm” layout, a bunch of new items and machines like the Geode Crusher, more fish to catch, extra furniture items, further character events, the ability to move your bed, and swimming ducks.

For console players in particular, local split-screen multiplayer is such an important feature. Tell the fam. In the main menu, there’s a “Co-Op” option and then “Split Screen.” Once you go in and situate player one, you can pull up the inventory menu and tab over to the settings (the tab with the gamepad icon). In there, you’ll find a button that says “Start Local Co-Op.” Player two can join and create their character if needed. In split-screen mode, you’ll be able to play together one day at a time, so there might be some back-and-forth to make sure you “use up” your energy at roughly the same rate. Otherwise, if one player is done for the day and the other isn’t, they’ll have to wait. You can sleep in the same bed!

The best part about Stardew Valley split-screen is that you can go off and completely do your own thing. If one player enjoys farming and fishing, they can unwind while another player slays slimes in the mines or runs around town trying to chase down their love interest(s). You can share money, too.

There are too many additions in 1.5 to warrant rattling them all off here (check the minutia-filled patch notes when you’re ready), so those are the highlights. That wasn’t too long of a wait compared to the PC update timing, but I won’t lie: I’ve been antsy for split-screen co-op. My weekend plans are made.