The Stardew Valley Animal Crossing island is still fantastic


I want to go there

Nearly a year ago, redditor acnh_kaylee shared their Stardew Valley Animal Crossing island, and broke certain corners of the internet. It was a match made in heaven, and now they’re back for more with a wider look at their accomplishments.

While the previous look at the island gave us a quick clip, this one goes all-out, providing a full tour of the¬†Stardew-ified creation. Spanning over six minutes and sporting that cheery¬†Stardew Valley soundtrack, acnh_kaylee runs through their island, showing off the recreation of the Pelican Town village in…the village. They even got players to help out and make it look even more authentic! As for improvements (of which none are really needed), the creator notes that they’d like to turn the Joja Mart into a theater.

All of this effort was noticed by the developer themselves, ConcernedApe. People are even offering to donate items to help make everything look even closer to Pelican Town. I love it when stories like this have a wholesome ending.

The creator also shared the Stardew Valley Animal Crossing island’s code publicly: DA-7027-7304-9440. I think I might have to go visit it! These two games are a perfect combination, really.

The Stardew Valley Animal Crossing island: