Stardew Valley fixed those blue floors on Ginger Island


The Nintendo Switch version was updated today to fix the blue floor bug and a ‘zoom offset’ issue

After a few weeks of playing Stardew Valley 1.5 on Nintendo Switch, I’m at the point – 60-some hours into the game, and a bit into Year 3 – where I’m prioritizing Ginger Island now that I’m cool with most of the villagers and the Community Center and Movie Theater quests are wrapped up. Ginger Island is a huge time-sink with lots to do everywhere I look. There’s just one problem: the ground is blue!

One of the known issues with Stardew version 1.5 on Switch is that in certain areas – namely, the northern part of Ginger Island near the Volcano Dungeon – there’s a “blue floor bug.” It doesn’t affect the whole map, of course, but it’s pretty distracting. There’s also an issue with the zoom-out options, though I haven’t seen it yet as someone who now exclusively plays in split-screen co-op.

Both of these bugs were fixed today in an update, according to Stardew creator ConcernedApe. I booted up the game this morning to take a look and had to resist playing “just one more day.”

Here’s what the blue floor bug looked like before, near the Volcano Dungeon entrance:

The blue floor bug really stands out on Ginger Island.

And here’s what that it looks like after updating Stardew Valley to Ver.

I'm glad the Volcano Dungeon is short and sweet compared to the Skull Cavern.

It’s a jarring comparison!

The only other gripe I’ve had with Stardew on Switch is that there’s stuttering in split-screen. The stutters are short – and only really cause problems if you’re fighting enemies or fishing, if at all – but they can be prevalent day-to-day. We’ve gotten used to them, but not everyone will be able to adjust.

Now, if I could just scrounge up more Golden Walnuts…