Stardew Valley launches an official forum, and it already has a lot of activity


All part of ConcernedApe’s efforts to reunite the community

Stardew Valley launched back in February of 2016, but at any given moment, you wouldn’t think so! The passion for Stardew is just as strong as it was back when it was a little-known Harvest Moon contender, and developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone has built up a huge community almost on his own.

While he did have some help fromChucklefish in terms of publishing and port duties, Barone decided to move to a more self-sufficient model back in late 2018, opting to take care of most of the versions of the game himself. In a way, the recent full launch of the forums feels like an extension of that.

Although Reddit primarily served as the stomping ground for a lot of Stardewplayers, the forums are a bit more welcoming and offer the same cooperative spirit as the core game. They just opened in earnest this past week, and are on the official site, sanctioned by Barone himself. In addition to tips and discussions, there’s also a dedicated section for multiplayer (LFG – or “looking for group”). Nice!

Since the launch (and the soft launch before it) it’s been filled with thousands of messages, so give it a go if you still play Stardew. Remember, there’s even more updates on the way, as well as new games from Barone.

Stardew Valley Forums [Stardew Valley]