Oh, of course there are nude mods for Stardew Valley


Because immersion or something?

Yeah, I’m not surprised about Stardew Valley nude mods either. You’ll have to pick up a couple different mods to get the full experience, but right now it’s entirely possible to fill the quiet community of Pelican Town with fully nude bachelorettes complete with exaggerated cleavage and oddly perky nips.

The Buxom Cleavage portrait mod for Stardew Valley

Three mods with roughly 15,000 downloads between them render all five of Stardew Valley‘s female marriage candidates completely naked. There’re a couple other similar files up on the Stardew Valley Nexus that’ll sex up character portraits for other characters like Pam or Sandy, if that’s your kind of thing.

Keep in mind you’ll need a Nexus Mods account to see or download any adult content, but here are the core nude mods right now. There’s also plenty of safe-for-work mods worth checking out on the site that do neat things like add Pokémon into the game or make fences more durable.