This massive Stardew Valley story mod centers on a mysterious disappearance


‘Magical Family’

While there are plenty of Stardew Valley story mods to keep you busy long after you’re satisfied with what its developer packed in, every so often a huge one comes through that’s basically akin to free DLC. Magical Family is one of those mods.

Found over on NexusMods and created by FellowClown, the giant content drop adds two new NPCs into the mix (Valerie and Dezerie), and deals with the mysterious disappearance of someone in Pelican Town. There’s new romance opportunities, and you can kick off a brand new questline.

To start it off, head to the forest and locate a secret note. Then go to the Wizard’s Tower between 10AM and 12PM game time. From there, Valerie will invite you to the saloon and kick off the rest of the questline. The official mod page has full instructions listed here if you need help, including a spoiler guide. Again, it’s expansive!

As a reminder, Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone doesn’t have anything major planned for the game right now, and there’s a veil of mystery behind what they’re doing next. In the meantime, we have Stardew Valley story mods. And games that are inspired by Stardew Valley!

My next big Stardew caper is figuring out when my kid is old enough to fully understand semi-complex games so we can play together as a family. Our first idea: have our kid watch the farm while we go off and do errands and fight in the mines. A free farm hand!