Stardew Valley's 1.5 update looks so cozy in this screenshot


Chilling on the beach with some ducks

Stardew Valley is calling my name with each update 1.5 check-in, and today’s screenshot – a laid-back beachside scene with ducks floating around some submerged trees – is about as cozy as they come.

In update 1.5…

— ConcernedApe (@ConcernedApe) September 4, 2020

To an outsider, it’s just a random image hinting at upcoming game content. I won’t deny it! But to those of us who have fallen head over heels for Stardew over the years, it’s so evocative. It reminds me of small, fuzzy screenshots in old gaming magazines that would sell me on the entire mood of a game.

This is a lovely note to end a Friday news schedule on.

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