Starfire 'is gonna be a hot one' in Injustice 2


Like seven inches from a midday sun

Revealed a few weeks ago as the last of the initial batch of new character additions to Injustice 2, Starfire, the former Teen Titan, follows Sub-Zero and Red Hood in having an impressive reveal trailer. Along with her burning hair and green energy beams, Starfire just has quite a few interesting set-ups.

Short bolt projectiles, a slower bomb-type (which is probably going to be one of the unlockable moves), moves that knock away opponents, and it seems like she’s going to be more powerful up close with a few command grab options. On top of these moves are her fluid animations, so I’m pretty much sold.

The one hilarious thing? I was watching the live stream where Ed Boon officially launched the trailer, and the DC VJ at the end of the stream said the next batch of DLC fighters (with Boon confirming a trailer coming sooner rather than later) “is gonna be a hot one.” What a fitting way to tie all of this together.