Starlink: Battle for Atlas halts production on further toys


New content still on the way

Last year, Ubisoft took another stab at the Toys-to-Life market with interstellar shooter Starlink: Battle for Atlas, a rollicking space adventure that featured well-received guest appearances from Nintendo’s beloved Star Fox crew.

Despite the initial hype, along with some pretty well-made physical props, sales for the new venture fell well below expectations, with the Starlink development team announcing that production has been halted on any further physical toys for the game or its upcoming Spring content, which was recently revealed in February’s Nintendo Direct.

Fear not, Starlink fans, as the team states they are still dedicated to providing content for the game, with the next update being the biggest to date, bringing a whole host of new ships, pilots and weapons with which to blast off into the stars. New challenges, activities and missions are also planned for the near future.

Starlink: Battle For Atlas is available now on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Starlink: Battle For Atlas Production Update [Official]