Starlink: Battle for Atlas takes flight on PC next week


Along with the free Crimson Moon update

Ubisoft may have stopped making physical toys, but that doesn’t mean its toys-to-life game is dead. Next week, Starlink: Battle for Atlasbarrel rolls on over to a new platform.

Already on PS4, Switch, and Xbox One, Starlinkcompletes the quadruple of major platforms when it comes to PC on April 30. Ubisoft says that the PC port will have widescreen 21:9 support, Nvidia multi-GPU support, uncapped frame rates, remappable controls, and G-SYNC support. Most important, it’ll feature support for existing PS4 and Xbox One controller mounts. This graphic details the minimum PC specs, the optimal specs, and everything in between:

April 30 is a big day for Starlink, and it’s not just ’cause of the PC version. Next Tuesday also marks the arrival of Crimson Moon, a free content update that introduces single- and multiplayer racing, an arena combat coliseum mode, an outlaw-hunting bounty system, new faction story missions, weekly challenges, and paint jobs. On Switch, there’s also a brand new exclusive set of Star Foxmissions that will sell for $12. Yep, the toys are out of production but Starlink: Battle for Atlaskeeps cruising right along.