Start a virtual LAN party in BigScreen, a must-have for VR owners


Beta out now for free

I can’t stop saying the future is here when talking about virtual reality because seemingly every other day some new game or application comes out that just blows me away; today is one of those days.

BigScreen, released for free today via Steam for both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, allows you and three online friends to gather virtually. You can share your desktop projected on a giant screen to game side by side or even watch a movie together off one of your computers. Rooms can be made publicly or privately, and can be set in various locations around a swanky skyrise apartment, or just floating in space or near mountains.

While Virtual Desktopexists to display solely your screen in VR, the BigScreenbeta takes it one step further into what could be called a virtual LAN party, plus it is free and will remain free upon full release.

Check out my video above to see the software in action where I play a bit of Splatoon because I’m fancy like that.