Starting today you can use 2-Step Authorization with your Nintendo account


Two stepping their way into the 21st century

Observing Nintendo’s ever evolving Switch and online services is like watching a child grow up right in front of our eyes. You’ve know what it’s going to become, it’s just taking so long. Today marks a big growth point in the crayons on the door frame as the online services now have two-step authorization.

The security method makes it so that even if some naughty hackermans get your password and try to access your account from somewhere new, they are required to input a code that is sent to another device that in theory should be on the owner of the account’s person at all times. The second step in this case is sent through Google’s Authenticator app. To set it all up just log into your Nintendo online account through the web and follow the instructions on there.

I do find it amusing that Nintendo is taking advantage of the fact that most of the world has smartphones and using it to cover their online services. The chat app that replaces an in-game or on-hardware chat service, and now Google’s established app for their security. Oh well at least it’s finally there, I do suggest using it as it’s an invaluable asset in this ever changing world of online security.