State of Decay 2 upgrades existing owners to Juggernaut Edition for free


Also available on Steam and Epic

Well, look who’s chewing on my neck all of a sudden: It’s State of Decay 2, a game released back in 2018. Like a freak you didn’t behead all the way, it’s back up and at ’em, ready to crack your head open and feast on the goo inside.

With seemingly no notice outside the crowd still playing the game, Undead Labs has put out an upgraded “Juggernaut Edition” of the game on Xbox One and PC via the Microsoft Store, Epic Games Store, and Steam. State of Decay 2 Juggernaut Editionincludes the base game, with its procedurally-generated-survivors and events, as well as adding a whole new map. The new map, Providence Ridge, is based on a rugged logging town, and is comparable in size to the other three areas in the base game.

Also added to the Juggernaut Editionare a new category of heavy melee weapons, a revamped tutorial experience, graphical and UI improvements based on community feedback, and cross-platform multiplayer.

That’s a substantial amount of new content, but the upgrade also goes one better and unlocks a ton of old content as well. It includes all the DLC previously released up to that point, such as weapon and vehicle add-ons like the Independence and Doomsday packs, as well as Daybreak, which added a teamwork-based siege defense mode, and Heartland, a major paid expansion set in Trumbull Valley, the original State of Decaymap.

Best of all, existing owners of any edition ofState of Decay 2receive the Juggernaut Editionas a free upgrade, though folks who bought it on the Microsoft Store will have to uninstall and reinstall the game to activate it. Check out a trailer for the game below, and an FAQ about the additions and entitlements here.