Steam Controllers straight-up do not work on Macs right now


Free games as an apology

Valve seems to play things loosely quite often, much like its “open air, no boss” work environment. As such, it turns out that Macs are not supported right now in regards to Valve’s recently released (for pre-orders) Steam Controllerand Steam Link devices. Oops!

As a result, the company is going to attempt to fix the situation over the next few weeks before its wide release in November. In the meantime, Mac owners can take advantage of an apology offer, which allows them to gain access to Valve’s “Complete Pack,” consisting of every past, present, and future Valve game. You can also request a refund.

That’s a pretty neat deal, but you’d think that Valve would have warned people at some point before they paid $100 for a pair of paperweights.

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