Steam Link streaming app is finally available for iOS devices


Better late than never

Apple has finally approved Valve’s Steam Link app for iOS, allowing users the ability to stream the PC gaming platform to devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

It’s been a long process for Valve to get their app up and running on the Apple platform, with this release coming almost a full year after the same feature was launched on Android. Apple had originally refused the implementation on non-specific grounds that it conflicted with their app guidelines, but have apparently since relented, as the app is good to go right now.

Steam users wishing to check out the streaming service will need a 5Ghz Wi-Fi, or wired Ethernet connection, to the host computer which is running the Steam library, then it’s just a matter of syncing up your account. Though awkward touchscreen controls are available other devices – such as the Steam controller – are fully supported.

Is this a service you’ll find yourself using a lot in the future?