Steam now lets you send digital gift cards


How is this only now a thing?

While I prefer the personal touch of hand-picking a game on Steam, gifting it to a friend, guilting them into playing it, and getting annoyed when they never do, there’s an alternative: digital gift cards.

Valve is now letting Steam users buy digital gift cards (ranging from $5 up to $100) that they can send to people who have been on their friends list “for at least three days.” There are a couple other caveats — you can’t buy cards using your existing Steam Wallet funds, and the money you send “will automatically be converted into your friend’s currency” — but it’s otherwise self-explanatory.

The gift cards can be used for games, microtransactions, or items in the Steam Community Market.

Valve added that we’ll still be able to gift individual games as usual, which, good. I can continue sending people copies of Binary Domain in the naive hope that they’ll give it the time of day it deserves.

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