Steam now sells over 6000 different games


I’ve got a lovely bunch of videogames

Ever since Valve opened Steam’s floodgates with Greenlight, the amount of games on the platform has exploded.

NeoGAF noticed the other day that that number has skyrocketed to over six thousand games, either fully released or in early access, vying for your attention and your money. This doesn’t include games that have been removed from Steam, either. For that, the Steam forums have a handy list.

In comparison, EA’s Origin and Ubisoft’s uPlay each have 500 games available to download, and GOG has 1500. You could add all three sites’ games together and still have less than half of what Steam has.

So here’s the big question: is having more games an inherently good thing, or has the increase in perceived shovel-ware damaged the platform?