Steam screenshot bug finally fixed after four-year wait


Say goodbye to double screenshots

Sometimes bugs in software are found and removed faster than anybody really realises they ever existed. Other bugs users resign themselves to never seeing fixed, working around them until the end of time. On very rare occasions, users resign themselves to never seeing a bug fixed, but then out of the blue several years later everything is sorted for them. That last one is pretty much what happened here.

First reported almost four years ago in 2011, Steam has had a long running bug where pressing the screenshot hotkey can attempt to take two screenshots at once. This doubling up causes lag, causes the player to think no screenshots have been taken, then on a second press another two screenshots of the same moment are taken. It’s not the end of the world, but it sure is a hassle for those who encountered it. So many screenshots. I only wanted one.

According to the newest Steam Beta Update:

“Fixed bug where in-game overlay could take two screenshots for a single hotkey press in some games that process input via DirectInput and Win32 input messages.”

Finally, this minor issue for a fairly small portion of Steam users is a thing of the past. Thanks for the fast response, Valve.