Steam SEGA Super Bundle gives you $370 worth of games for $80


There are also a bunch of separate bundles if only certain things interest you

Sega is sailing onto Steam with sales this sweekend.

On this page you’ll find a general list of things on sale. It is deceptive because a $2.50 Jet Set Radio or a $6.80 Valkyria Chronicles share as much screen space as the “SEGA Super Bundle.” If you click the latter, you’ll find, by Steam’s math, $370 “worth” of games discounted to $80.

You can call it padded because it reads like the SEGA Genesis Collection with a few big ticket items thrown in (Sonic Generations, Binary Domain, Alpha Protocol). I call it a clever way to sneak copies of classics like Viking: Battle of Asgard and The Club into peoples’ Steam libraries. If you were already planning on spending $35 on Football Manager 15, though, this deal is pretty sweet.

Still, even if you just pick and choose the bundles (Dreamcast Collection, $10.50) or individual titles you want (Alien: Isolation, $12.50), there are some cheap games to be had.

Plus, everyone needs to buy Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine. It’s $2.50!