Steam Workshop items will now require approval on Valve titles


The Hat Squad

Steam Workshop has, for a long time, been a great way for the community to add fun content to some of their favourite games, be it stages, accessories, skins, characters or whatever the twisted human mind can conjure up. A new ruling has been set, however, that will require verification on items added to specific games, namely Valve’s own titles.

The ruling was pushed out this week, and currently only applies to Team Fortress 2, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Going forward, all Steam Workshop items for these titles will need to be verified by Valve before they become available for download. The two-step process requires confirmation of the item via a returned email, before the item joins the “queue” to be moderated.

The goal is to keep an eye out for people overly-exploiting the system, or bargaining players “free skins” in return for subscriptions. Valve has said that content creators who already have a substantial number of upvotes, items, and subscribers will be exempt from this process. The moderation process is not expected to roll out to other games on Steam.

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