Steam's 'Remote Play Together' will give online support to local multiplayer games


Works similar to Parsec

Valve is set to add a useful new feature to Steam. Called “Remote Play Together,” this functionality will give online support to local-only multiplayer games via a system similar to Parsec (a kind of VPN service). The news came from the Steamworks website, which showed an imagine explaining most of the details for how this feature will operate.

While this may not have extensive reach for most people, it does ensure that a lot of games will now be playable with friends far away. While I’ll always prefer local multiplayer for its lack of latency, sometimes life prevents you from meeting with your friends directly. Instead of shunning the outside world, now you can connect with your buddies on titles that don’t even directly support online play. That’s pretty wild.

The feature is said to be rolling out on October 21 in Steam’s next beta update. I know quite a few beat-em-ups I’d like to try out with it.

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