Steam's Summer Sale is live and there's a whole new Points Shop


With animated stickers galore

Is it that time already? It sure is. The 2020 Steam Summer Sale is here until July 9 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific with countless game deals, a “save five bucks if you spend $30” offer, and loads of animated stickers.

No, really – check these things out. They’ve got Geralt soaking in a tub. They’ve got an oh-so-squeezable chibi Arachnotron. They even have Kim from Disco Elysium showing off with a little dance.

Steam Points ShopThe G-Man is tired of our shit.

Aside from free daily stickers for just showing up throughout the sale, Steam is giving out points – 100 for every $1 spent – that can be exchanged at the Points Shop, which is “now open all year round.”

“Emoticons and Backgrounds that were previously associated with trading cards can now [also] be directly acquired by using Steam Points,” and “Items from the Points Shop are not marketable or tradeable.” Players can tip points to other users for their reviews, Workshop mods, guides, and screens.

Steam will eventually “expand the set of things you can use your points on in the future.”

You’re probably here for the deals above all else, though. Doom Eternal is $29.99, Titanfall 2 is $9.89, Halo: The Master Chief Collection is $31.99, Half-Life: Alyx is $44.99, and Satisfactory is $26.99.

Those are just some of the most-jumped-on deals so far. You’ll wanna search around too.