SteamWorld Quest is getting an update so big, the developer is calling it 'version 2.0'


I’ll play this game once a year nearly every year

SteamWorld Quest enjoyed roughly a month of exclusivity on Switch before it jumped to PC this past May, and since then I’ve heard tales of quite a few people picking up this little gem and enjoying it.

If you haven’t yet now is a good time, as version 2.0 is now upon us! Image & Form is using a new developer diary to give us the dirty details, which includes a limited time 20% discount for the Switch and PC editions. 2.0’s Big Deal is New Game Plus mode, which allows you to keep nearly all of your equipment and cards on subsequent playthroughs. “Legend Remix,” a new “super hard” difficulty is also in, which you can opt to tackle your New Game Plus run.

As Image & Form points out, this mode is actually exclusiveto NG+ and has “gameplay twists” to boot (um yes, this is instantly getting played). 2.0 also adds in more concept art in art gallery form, a jukebox sound test menu option, HD rumble for Switch, more items at the vendor, lax requirements for the Midas Grand Prix tier in the optional Colosseum, and card balance tweaks.

For an indie game that’s a huge update that actually earns the moniker “2.0.” I was already planning on revisiting this game basically for the rest of my life, and this makes that choice so much easier.