Steep is free on PC right now


Get off the bunny slope

Shredding fresh powder (not cocaine) has always been an expensive hobby (but also cocaine). Skiing and its associated sports cost money, but that’s not true of Ubisoft’s digital recreation — at least right now. Lift tickets are temporarily discounted by 100 percent.

Ubisoft is giving Steepaway on PC. From now through May 21, you can add Steep to your Uplay library by signing into your Ubisoft account. Just follow this link. That’s all there is to it. Now you permanently own Steep.

Steepcan be exhilarating, as wingsuiting at a billion miles per hour through treacherous passes never become boring. Steepcan be cathartic, as paragliding up mountain sides is relaxing and satisfying. And, Steepcan be frustrating, as the skiing and snowboarding is bolted onto a janky trick system that never feels quite right. But don’t take my word for it. You can find out for yourself, right now, at absolutely no cost.

Get your free copy! [Ubisoft]