Stellaris Console edition is out now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One


Switch port when?

Stellaris is one of those games that although I don’t play it every day, I think about it a lot. The races and societies I take control of end up making their own little stories in my head and it turns into a wholly different experience than just a 4X grand strategy. Starting today, and for the first time in Paradox history, console players can get in on the grand strategy action, which is admittedly a lot of menu navigation but that’s sorta my bag…baby.

The appropriately titled Stellaris: Console Edition is now available on the PS4 and XboxOne storefronts in a standard edition for $39.99, or the deluxe edition for $59.99 that contains the Leviathans story pack, Plantoids species pack, and Utopia expansion. For those who play on PC and are considering the double dip, be cautious as the console edition is rolled all the way back to version 1.7. If you’ve gotten used to newer versions, this might be a shock — or maybe a pleasant trip down memory lane?

Multiplayer is in the works and is expected to arrive in the console edition of Stellaris this spring, which doesn’t say much since spring starts in either a month or two days, depending on how you count it.

I do hope this does well. I genuinely love grand strategy games and it’s part of the reason I migrated back to being a PC gamer because there hasn’t been anything like this before on a console. So to see one of my favorite genres come to a new group of players warms my cold, calculating heart.

All hail Blorg!