Stop what you're doing and pre-order this Futaba Sakura figure


Bonafide Mona-fide!

Persona 5 fans, the promised time has come: Phat Company’s Futaba Sakura figure is up for pre-order! Hopefully you won’t have to become some kind of phantom thief to obtain one.

Good Smile Company’s Kahotan has an early preview up and the figure’s looking pretty good! The detailing doesn’t seem to be on the level of a Max Factory or Good Smile figure but I’m liking the overall sculpt and paint job.

This really is a great translation of Shigenori Soejima’s design, faithfully replicating Futaba’s facial structure and expression. My favorite part is that she comes with Morgana.

Futaba is up for pre-order now on the Good Smile Online Shop for ¥12,960. If you shop around at one of GSC’s partner shops, you can usually get a discount. She’s set for a December release.