Stormdivers is the next game from Resogun creator Housemarque


It’s some sort of ‘multiplayer-centric experience’

Last year, Super Stardust HD and Resogun developer Housemarque ended its run of excellent arcade games on a high note with the Nex Machina, a Robotron-style shooter made in collaboration with arcade legend Eugene Jarvis. The studio said it would be leaving the genre and pivoting to something new, and while it has actually made non-arcade titles before (it’s been around for decades!), arcade gaming has very much been Housemarque’s identity. The news was seriously bittersweet.

Today at Reboot Develop 2018, Housemarque’s Ilari Kuittinen and Mikael Haveri shared a first look at the studio’s next project, a multiplayer-centric game that’s been in the works for a couple years.

The studio describes Stormdivers as a “high flying and heavy hitting” experience, adding that “it will be the first title that we treat as an on-going service.” The teaser video doesn’t offer much insight, but the name itself is evocative and it’s clear this won’t be played from a typical top-down perspective.

“As a part of our recent transition away from our core genres, we’ve had a hard look at what really makes up an arcade game and how can we bring those elements to whole new heights,” said Housemarque. “Fortunately a few greats have been able to show the way and bring gameplay centric experiences to wider audiences. We hope to expand that progress as we bring our explosive effects and second-to-second gameplay to new genres.”

Another team at Housemarque is currently working on a AAA game, but it remains unannounced.