Strafe is getting three collector's editions because why not?


I made you a mix tape

The upcoming retro throwback Strafe is going to have three different collector’s editions available for purchase. Even though I’ve been enjoying the game ahead of review, I don’t know how I feel about all these crazy collector’s sets; at least they look super neat. There is also a PS4 edition, which I didn’t even know existed (I thought the game was PC exclusive).

The first bundle (going for $44.95, limited to 1,000 copies) is called the Strafe Throwback Collector’s Edition and it includes a download code for the game, ’90s era floppy disks, pogs, “indoor” sunglasses, the soundtrack on cassette and some pins. The second bundle is called the Strafe Vinyl Collector’s Edition and it contains the soundtrack on two records (available in regular or limited Red/Yellow discs) along with some bitchin artwork and a download code for the game. The final version is PS4 Collector’s Box ($24.95, limited to 2,000 copies) which contains the game on a Blu-Ray along with a download code for the PC version.

As for the game, proper, it will be launching May 9 for $19.96 (funny) on Steam for PC and Mac. If you pre-order the game now, you’ll unlock some weapon that I have no idea about. The specific weapons aren’t really that important, so don’t feel too bad if you miss out.