Strange Brigade are ready to explore The Sunken Kingdom


Let the brass bands play and the feet start to pound

Rebellion has announced that loot-hunting adventurers can now explore The Sunken Kingdom, the second DLC chapter to be added to their vintage co-op shooter, Strange Brigade.

The Sunken Kingdom includes a new scenario for our team of intrepid explorers, as they search the subterranean ruins of a once prosperous people, blasting ghoulies and bagging treasures as they make they way to an abandoned temple that lies at the heart of this new locale.

Also joining the team in this latest update is the Brigade’s newest roster member, Japanese Naval Officer Hachiro Shimazu. Shimazu brings with his military prestige three new weapons; the Mikhailov 38-rifle, the Marchador TT pistol, and a crowd-clearing Shock Grenade. Also included is a new Amulet, the Decaying Demon Blast. Sounds messy.

The Sunken Kingdom DLC is the second part of Strange Brigade’s “Thrice Damned” DLC trilogy. It is available as part of the game’s Season Pass or can be purchased separately. Strange Brigade is available now on PS4, PC and Xbox One.