Streamer completes zero hit run of the Dark Souls Trilogy


The_Happy_Hob confirmed happier

A dedicated Dark Souls fan has completed a run of the game’s entire trilogy without taking a single hit. The_Happy_Hob streamed the nerve-wracking achievement, a year in the making, on his Twitch channel. The final moment (which contains loud profanity) can be seen right here.

To qualify for the No-Hit run, Hob was required to play through all three titles without being struck by a single enemy, outside of a scripted death to Seathe the Scaleless. Last month, Hob made it to the very end of the run, but took a heartbreaking hit on the final boss of the final game. Damn.

But that’s ancient history, as the dedicated player finally completed the notoriously difficult trilogy this weekend, understandably losing his mind upon taking down Dark Souls boss Gwyn (Hob ran through the games in reverse order). Great work!

All of The_Happy_Hob’s recent runs can be viewed over on his Twitch archive.