Street Fighter IV boss Seth will return in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition


New Body, New Skills, Same Cheese

During this weekend’s Capcom Cup, the publisher revealed the 40thfighter headed to the roster of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. And in an announcement I don’t think anybody saw coming, Street Fighter IV‘s notoriously annoying boss Seth is returning to the ring.

A “perfect being” composed of the fighting data of all who face them, Seth is ready to rumble once again, their A.I. transferred into a new body, previous reserved as a Bison “Doll.” Still powered by the Tanden Engine, the new Seth will still be able to harness the power of their enemies, with Seth’s V-Skill I literally stealing some of the current opponent’s moveset. A selection of alternate attires was also revealed, including Seth’s classic SFIV look, all of which will arrive with Seth on February 14.

Speaking of boss characters, a new update is now live in Street Fighter V, bringing with its Street Fighter III‘s boss character Gill, a new stage, and new V Skill abilities for every single character on the SFV roster, along with a new round of balance tweaks. It’s a good day for fans of naked muscle men with god complexes.

Street Fighter V is available now on PS4 and PC. The Champion Edition upgrade – which includes all characters, stages, and costumes is available digitally right now, with a physical release to follow February 14.