Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition does not include the entire cast on the disc


Better hope the code works

The Japanese website for the upcoming Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition has revealed an interesting piece of information for the game. If you’re buying a digital version, it’ll be a simple download. However, if you’re buying a physical copy at retail, you’ll have an additional aspect to worry about.

The season 1 and season 2 DLC characters will have to be redeemed by code.

There’s probably a reason as to why Capcom likely did this. The physical copies of the game are likely just the vanilla game with the updates included. This in turn reduces the amount of potential problems for Capcom when it comes to matchmaking after release. However, the DLC characters having to be redeemed by code brings its own issues, although not for everyone.

It’s effectively an alternate version of the online pass from last generation. If you don’t buy Arcade Edition new, then the copy you purchase may as well have been the original release. In addition, should anything happen to the digital side for PlayStation 4 users, those codes will become worthless down the road. This isn’t even getting into the fact that, should you lose access to your account, you are likely never getting those characters back without forking out cold hard cash.

To repeat, this isn’t something everyone will take issue with. But for some people, especially those that prefer physical, it may cause them to rethink purchasing the game.

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