Street Fighter V costume modders catch DMCA warnings


Clothes maketh the lawsuit

Two longtime PC modders, who have been creating skins for Street Fighter IV and V for years, have been issued DMCA notices from Capcom, reportedly handed down through their Patreon accounts.

“BrutalAce” and “Khaledantar666” were both hit with the notices on grounds that they were using copyrighted materials to make the mods, for which they would receive patronage through the crowdfunding site.

Whilst Khaledantar666 posted a message on their Patreon stating their plans to “Continue modding no matter what.” the situation appears to have disheartened BrutalAce, also famous for his numerous nude mods, which likely kept him on Capcom’s radar.

“I just wanted to say that I am going to quit releasing mods for unknown amount of time,” BrutalAce stated on his now-defunct Patreon. “I know it’s not the best decision but one can only face that much hate and salt.”

Regardless of anyone’s moral stance on character mods or accepting donations for such, (the latter a very hot topic among the Street Fighter mod community,) it can’t be denied that the pair did inventive and great work. The costumes, colour palettes, body modifications and skins they created, in my humble opinion, were twenty times that of Capcom’s own DLC.

I’m certainly not condoning copyright infringement, nor financial gain from such, and I personally don’t care too much for the nude mods, but from a purely technical standpoint I’m in awe of their talent. I hope this situation doesn’t sour them on putting their skills to use on other, less lawyer-angering, projects in the future.

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