Street Fighter V for Nintendo Switch 'leak' refuted by Yoshinori Ono



Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono has quashed recent rumours that Street Fighter V is coming to Nintendo Switch in the near-future, following a seemingly erroneous tweet posted by retailer Electronics Boutique this past weekend.

EB Canada posted a (since deleted) tweet on Saturday, stating that the Championship Edition of Capcom’s famous fighter was indeed headed to Switch, and that pre-orders were now open in store. Given that EVO Japan was taking place simultaneously, fans understandably though that the retailer had simply jumped the gun on an upcoming planned announcement.

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be. No such announcement was forthcoming at EVO Japan and Electronics Boutique posted an apology for the original tweet. Ono himself also expressed his surprise at the “news”, with the producer joking on Twitter: “Could it be that we didn’t realise that someone are making it? Such item does not exist right now.”

Currently, Street Fighter V is available only on PS4 and PC.