Street Fighter V live-action prologue coming in March


Get your green screens ready

If you love to watch talented athletes wave their hands around and pretend to throw fireballs at each other, I have some good news for you. Street Fighter: Resurrection, a live-action mini-series intended to serve as a prologue for the events in the soon to be released Street Fighter V is on its way.

Made by the team behindStreet Fighter: Assassin’s Fist, Resurrection looks like it will provide more of the same — decent production values, great live-action interpretations of the series’ iconic characters, and slightly (well, maybe more than slightly) goofy looking action. Look, it’s hard to keep up the pathos while yelling “sonic boom!” and flailing your hands about. This is totally the kind of silliness I can get behind. And hey, they nailed Nash’s hair!

Street Fighter: Resurrection is a narrative prologue to Street Fighter 5; check out Ken, Nash, and Ryu in the upcoming live-action series [Event Hubs]