Street Fighter V's second beta isn't going swimmingly


‘Not confident [it] will improve’

Meet the new Street Fighter Vbeta, same as the old Street Fighter Vbeta. Again, like the first beta held in July, this one is also running into some snags. And, those aren’t likely to be fixed.

Capcom detailed the situation in an employee blog. According to the developer, several new problems came about recently which affected the rate at which matches are made. It’s said that matchmaking is very slow right now. As Capcom put it, the beta “[isn’t] operat[ing] exactly as we intended.”

Things probably won’t get better either. Capcom says that “[it’s] not confident that the matchmaking rate will improve significantly throughout the course of the beta period. That said, user experience will vary.” Regardless, the servers will be kept on for the previously-announced time frame.

As was outlined earlier this week, the second Street Fighter Vbeta was designed largely to test cross-play between PS4 and PC. It’s unknown how that will be impacted by these issues. PC players can pre-load the beta on Steam now, and it will go live tomorrow evening.

Anyone frustrated by Street Fighter V‘s beta performance has likely forgotten that the video game industry has reappropriated the phrase and added a marketing twist over the past several years. Those betas are for largely finished products, close to release, and designed to drive pre-orders. Capcom is using this process to actually work on its game — you know, exactly what betas are designed for.

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