Street Fighter V's Zeku is looking pretty complex in this character guide


How many movesets would you like, sir?

Yesterday saw the announcement of the final season two DLC character for Capcom’s Street Fighter V. It was of little surprise that it was, in fact, predicted character Zeku, master of Bushinryu and the tutor of Final Fight/Street Fighter star Guy.

What was surprising is that Zeku’s V-Trigger appears to have de-aging properties, allowing old-man Zeku to bust out his youthful angst and fist-flying attacks. Many of these target combos are reminiscent of his student Guy’s attack in previous Street Fighter titles, but having a fighter revitalize his look, attack patterns and moveset is quite a specific gimmick, one that would likely require intrinsic training.

To help prospective Zeku players prepare, Capcom have added a guide to better explain the “Two characters in one” mechanic that Zeku is rocking, allowing for a better understanding of the tools and properties available to the ninja master, in both of his forms.

Season two has seen a lot of gimmick characters join the roster. Menat and her puppet projectiles, screen-tall Abigail and his ridiculous damage, even Kolin and her chill skils and ice-based combo-enders. They kind of leave some of the original roster kicking in the dirt, option-wise, and while Killer Instinct did a great job of balancing out tens of different gimmicks, that doesn’t mean the same trickery will inherently work in other fighting games.

Once season two completes, Street Fighter V will head into 2018 and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. The game needs to take a page from its own launch motto and “Rise Up”, because next year may be do or die for the divisive slugfest.

Zeku Guide [Official Site]