Subnautica is one of the best survival games out there and now it's coming to PS4


You just need to build up courage

Unknown Worlds’ Subnautica is a sublime exploration-focused survival experience. I think it’s among the best in its class, and I’d recommend the game to just about anyone who isn’t deathly afraid of the ocean. Subnautica‘s alien scenery is beautiful and soothing at times, but it’s also full of unspeakable horrors as you work up the courage to push further out from the safety of the sunny shallows.

If you missed it on PC and Xbox One, maybe you’ll be able to catch Subnautica on PlayStation 4. Unknown Worlds has tapped Panic Button (Doom, Rocket League) to port the game to PS4.

The PlayStation 4 version is scheduled for a holiday 2018 release and there will also be a physical edition available through Gearbox Publishing. As for potential PlayStation VR support, Panic Button studio GM Adam Creighton has said “We really appreciate the feedback and interest in PS VR.”