Subnautica's Habitat Update makes living under the sea a bit more complicated


Time to re-enact The Poseidon Adventure

Unknown Worlds’ early access make-Joe-wee-a-little-by-having-eels simulator Subnauticareceived an update which massively builds on the base-building sections of the game as well as adding a new biome.

The page showing the update is incredibly fancy and interactive, and there is also a video up at the top should you want to see them in action.

The biggest changes are to the base flooding system – should your base take damage and be breached, water can flood in and eventually drown you. It’s always been a source of utter terror for me, but now the deeper you are and the smaller the base, the faster it will flood. To help combat that, hermetically sealed bulkhead doors will allow you to completely close off sections of the base until you’re able to fix them.

Alongside that, new modules to expand underwater bases have been included. The one Unknown Worlds seems most excited about is the moon pool, which will let you park your submarines right inside the base. Power generators to help power the modules have also been added.

It looks like one of the biggest updates Subnautica has had. The lack of real base-building up to now has been a constant problem for me, as it’s meant there is little reason to keep playing after a certain point. With this new expansion, I’m more likely to keep a save for more than 20 minutes, which is nice.

It’s still got those bastard eels from the pits of hell though. Seriously kill those things with the rage of a thousand fucking suns.