Subnautica's new update awakens ancient alien technology


Be on the lookout for more story elements

With a name like “Precursors,” you should know not to trifle with them. But this is Subnautica, a game about poking around an alien ocean and generally not minding your own business. If there’s dormant deep-sea technology to disturb and wild mysteries to uncover, rest assured, you’re on the case.

Unknown Worlds’ latest update for the game, available now on Steam, is “chockfull of new secretsto unravel. Previously, you may have noticed strange, high-tech cubes – or bases – placed throughout the world. Now, these unusualobjects come to life as someone (or something) flips the switch. Dive deep into the story of Subnautica and discover more answers and more questions.”

That’s all well and good, and represents another step forward for the game. The thing I’m most keen on, though? “It’s now possible to use the PDA while driving vehicles, a highly requested addition.”

Oh me oh my.

Subnautica Precursor Update Released [Unknown Worlds]