Subnautica's newest update really isn't helping my aquaphobia


Eels up inside ‘ya, findin’ an entrance where they can

Fun fact: when I was a kid, I drifted too far out to sea on a rubber dinghy and couldn’t get back until an adult was able to swim out and very slowly drag me to shore. I’m not entirely sure how long I was out there, but ever since I’ve always had anxieties about the sea. And eels for some reason… I never saw any eels on the dingy, but I’m now convinced they’re going to murder me.

Well Natural Selection 2 developers Unknown Worlds shamelessly plays to that fear with their current early access project Subnautica. Being set on a planet almost entirely covered with deep water, it’s a survival sim where you have to find scraps to build vehicles, hunt alien fish, and build yourself a base.

Well, now they’ve gone and made it just a little bit more horrifying. Firstly a new innocent whickle fishie that’s also named like an ’80s death metal album: the Reaper Leviathan. It grabs on to your submarine, makes a lot of scary faces, and probably causes a lot of pain.

But the biggest new addition to Subnautica is the ability to explore the massive written off starship that’s been looming in the horizon since the very first build of the game. Before now it’s been inaccessible thanks to radiation (gee that’s convenient), but now once you’ve crafted a handy-dandy radiation suit you can go and have a gander. Oh and you might be killed by alien spider-thingies too, so have fun!

There’s also been some changes to the technical aspects too. It’s been updated to Unity 5, and with that come some major framerate improvements. They’ve also added Oculus Rift VR support for all two of you who have a Rift. Here’s a trailer showing these updates for you:

God I hate eels.