Suck up all the goo in The Gunk


Whatcha gonna do with all that gunk

I don’t know what’s going on with the overgrown flora in The Gunk, I just know that all the goo seems bad. So, vacuum it up. Invade this alien planet and suck up all their goo.

The Gunkis the new game from SteamWorld Digdeveloper Image & Form, so the pedigree is there. I have no doubt it’ll be charming and unique and satisfying. But right now, I’m kinda stuck on the name and all the goo. It’s got more Goo than My Brother and Me.

Image & Form took to Twitter to simply say “Slimy parasites, a dying planet, power gloves, and more. What could go wrong?” The Gunkis scheduled to land on PC and Xbox in fall 2021.