Suda is writing and directing 'for the first time in 10 years'


Travis strikes again

Suda51 talked vaguely about a new Travis Touchdown game — the lead character from the Wii’s No More Heroes — at Nintendo’s Switch conference.

The best news, though, for those of us who haven’t been as thrilled with recent Grasshopper games as we were for, say, Killer7: Suda51 is writing and directing this new (far off; 2019? 2020?) project, according to 4Gamer.

While he “cannot say…yet” if this is formally No More Heroes 3, he did note, “I will write all the scripts and I will do the direction for the first time in 10 years,” referring to, incidentally, the first No More Heroes. So that’s good news for those of us who’ve seen him as spokesperson on things like Let it Die, but were still left craving a real Suda joint.

Hopefully he’ll enjoy it, too, since he’s on record wanting to make No More Heroes 3 and has been writing Killer7 stories for fun.

須田剛一氏がNintendo Switch向けに投入するのは,自らがシナリオとディレクションを手がける新作。主人公はあの男,トラヴィス・タッチダウンだ [4Gamer] via [Neogaf]