Suda talks about Akira influence for Let it Die, shares more info on the game


More Suda is always good

Goichi Suda (51) stopped by the PlayStation E3 set yesterday to chat about his upcomingLet it Die, and revealed more information about the game than he’s ever had in the past.

In regards to the story — in 2027, “something happens” and Tokyo gets destroyed. Sometime after that a tower appears and the player is fighting naked from the bottom of it for loot. Suda references Akira, in that it’s a big influence on the game’s “gritty and dark” world. He also touches on the free-to-play elements, comparing it to the arcade where you “put in money where you want to,” though it won’t be “pay-to-win.”

If you’re remotely interested in Suda’s insights as a developer or Let it Diein general (he’s producing, but not directing here), the whole thing is worth a watch. I know people have been mixed on some recent Suda offerings, but just about everything he makes has some intrinsic value.