Summer Games Done Quick kicks off with a Demon's Souls run


What catches your eye?

Demon’s Soulshas never been more prominently relevant than it is right now. Possibly the most infamous of the From Software Souls-type games, everyone has their eyes trained on that PS5 remake that was announced last month. It’s being made by Bluepoint, who handled the excellent Shadow of the Colossusremake a few years ago.

Maybe it’s premeditated or maybe it’s coincidence (or maybe it’s destiny) but Demon’s Soulskicks off Summer Games Done Quick this year. For anyone who hasn’t played it, it’s a fine opportunity to see what you’re getting into on PS5. For everyone else, it’ll be cathartic watching someone kick Demon’s Soulsass when usually Demon’s Soulsis the one doing the ass-kicking.

It takes some scrolling — there are a lotof games — but there’s some more SGDQ runs worth pointing out. Monday night gets a three-hour Alien: Isolationrun on Nightmare difficulty (which saddles Ripley with abroken tracker that has a distorted display). Half-Life: Alyxis included as a bonus game on Thursday.

What sticks out to you as must-see viewing? Here’s the full SGDQ 2020 schedule. The speedrunning festivities run from August 16 through August 22. However, SGDQ will be held online instead of in Minnesota this year because of the ongoing pandemic.

SGDQ2020 Schedule [Games Done Quick]