Sun's out, guns out (literally) in this Dark Souls III mod


This game isn’t hard at all!

If a mod is an amendment — and, strictly speaking, it is — then you have the right to bear arms inDark Souls III. When you have a gun, none of the other rules matter a whole lot.

As reported by PC Gamer, modder Asasasasasbc has imagined a take on Dark Souls IIIthat’s a lot less punitive than From Software ever intended. It’s trades the broadsword for the AK, and it’s a lot easier to go medieval on someone’s ass when you just have to let the lead fly.

The Modern Firearm mod takes guns that are mostly modeled after Resident Evilweapons and transplants them into Dark Souls. They replace specific regular weapons. So, the Light Crossbow turns into a Vector SBR, the Heavy Crossbow is an AK-47, the Knight Crossbow is an M16, the Repeating Crossbow is a Thompson SMG, the Sniper Crossbow is a sniper rifle, the Avelyn is a MP5, and the Arbalest is a shotgun.

Here’s what it looks like in action. Warning: This video paints a picture of a preposterously easy game when it’s actually quite difficult!

Here’s the “Modern Firearm” Dark Souls IIImod for anyone who wants to mow down boss after boss. As PC Gamer helpfully points out, you’re going to want to install Modern Firearm via the Dark Souls IIImod engine. The reason for this is because the mod engine prevents connecting to the network. Mods are prohibited in online play, and showing up with guns is certainly going to result in a ban. So, the safe route is to make sure you can’t connect.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, spray and pray to your heart’s content. Throw that Estus Flask in the bonfire because no one’s getting close to killing you. Not when you’re packin’ this much heat.

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