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Sup Holmes++ goes live with N++ creators Metanet Software

Sup Holmes every Sunday at 4pm EST!

[Update: Show’s over everybody! It was great. Rerun should be up soon. Here’s a fun talk with Mare and Raigan to hold you over in the meantime. Love that “jobby”.]

“Why the heck are so many indie puzzle platformers, Pa?” If you lie down on the streets of an major American city, you’re bound to overhear the children asking their fathers this question at least a few times an hour.

While isn’t a simple answer to that nearly philosophical query, there’s no doubt that 2004’sN: The Way of the Ninjahad a lot to do with the modern rise of the genre. The creators of Super Meat Boy, TowerFall, and countless other have cited N as one of their major influences. Now N‘s creators have teamed with DYAD‘s Shawn McGrath for N++, coming soon to the Playstation 4.

We’ll be talking to Raigan Burns, Mare Shepard and Shawn McGrath right here at 4pm EST, so please drop by and tell us how you’re day is going!

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