Super Bomberman R Online rated for PC by Korean Ratings Board


Stadia-exclusive release ready to blow up on other platforms?

More news from our favorite spoilers, The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea, who has released a new listing for a PC port of Super Bomberman R Online, the fast and frantic multiplayer title currently only available on Google’s cloud gaming service, Stadia.

The latest release in the now decades-old series, Super Bomberman R Online, takes the maze-blasting gameplay that is the series trademark and expands it to a staggering 64-player battle royale format. In true Bomberman fashion, players compete to make the most of their local play area, cornering foes, bagging power-ups, and strategically placing explosives, while hopefully not painting themselves into a corner. The clock is also against our boom buddies, with the player area shrinking down as the battle continues. Will you be the Last Bomber Standing?

Super Bomberman R Online features a selection of characters, including guest stars from other Konami titles – such as Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid – as well as full customization options. The new Crowd Play function offers streamers and their audiences the opportunity to quickly and efficiently hook up for multiplayer action. While publisher Konami is yet to announce a port of the release, this new rating all but confirms that the title will be arriving on PC – and perhaps other platforms – in the near future.

Super Bomberman R Online rated for PC in Korea [Gematsu]