Super Hypercube would be great even without VR


First-person puzzler for Morpheus

Super Hypercube is another leading Morpheus game. It’s a puzzle title about twisting a block around, in three dimensions, so that it fits through holes in oncoming walls. Tension builds as new pieces are added and your simple shape spirals into an uneven mess. Virtual reality helps. You can (and will eventually need to) peer around the block to get a better sense of its construction.

Certain walls turn at the last second, and while they’re telegraphed beforehand, adapting is still tricky. Even normal walls eventually overwhelm, relentless as they are. My brain couldn’t keep up.

The concept would work even if Super Hypercube were ugly, but it’s got a cool neon-in-space aesthetic. Playing it with a headset strapped on felt like I was inside a wormhole. I want to go back.

This is coming exclusively to Morpheus as a launch title from Kokoromi and publisher Polytron. (We’ve gotten word that Fez designer Phil Fish is also working on the game. He’s back!)