Super Mario Maker 2 confirmed for June 28 on Switch


The suffering will be legendary

In a couple short months, Super Mario Maker 2 will remind us how it feels to be alive. The level-making platformer is coming to Nintendo Switch on June 28, 2019 a little later than previously thought.

There’s no new trailer today, just a simple release-date confirmation. The first trailer can fill you in.

Nintendo posted the news direct on Twitter, and now here we are, left pondering our time spent with the original Super Mario Maker on Wii U or perhaps even the 3DS port. It’s a great game that can surely be made even greater, so I’m stoked to see how this sequel pans out for new and returning players.

The course-building community has no doubt had plenty of time to dream up fresh horrors for Super Mario Maker 2. With expanded tools opening up dreadful new possibilities, I am afraid of what’s ahead.

Still, not all level creators are out to hurt us, and I’ll cherish the chance for some 2D Mario on Switch.